Today I was hit by a car. Fortunately I only have small injuries in my two knees. The person didn't see I was behind the vehicle. It is shocking. You see your life passing by in one second.

Hoy me atropellaron. Afortunadamente sólo tengo lastimadas mis dos rodillas. El conductor no me vio atrás del coche. Te noquea. Ves tu vida pasar en un segundo.

What happened to ".social"??

Qué hay con la ".social"??

It is funny. Someone from Vietnam tried to hack my e-mail three times since yesterday. Does this person want to see all stores discounts I get it? Jajaja.

Es chistoso. Una persona de Vietnam intentó hackearme el e-mail, por tres oportunidades, desde ayer. Esta persona quiere aburrirse leyendo todas las ofertas que recibo? Jajaja.

Which browser do you recommend me?? I want to try a new one.

Qué browser me recomiendan? Quiero conocer a uno nuevo.

"Tanzania: Renewable Energy - a Friendly Source of Power"

I adore what renewable energies can do for Africa.

I am having a big slice of meat pizza and a huge glass of cold Coke.

It is life.

When I was 21 I stayed 72 hours up and online.

I downloaded around 120 songs with my ADSL Internet connection.

Don't try it. It is a waste of time.

This happened in 2002. I am 38 now.

Feliz Ano Novo!! Abraços do Brasil.

Feliz Año Nuevo!! Abrazos desde Brasil.

Happy New Year!! Hugs from Brazil.

The things you think while you have a beer.

Las cositas que pensás mientras tomás una cervecita.

I will list instances names I think they are funny.

""(how I never thought about it before)

When you look for instances you see how is amazing.

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