People were worried when Mastodon went from 20,000 to 500,000 people too. I don't see why you would think 1mil -> 2mil to be any different. I really don't agree with the comments that suggest that Mastodon shouldn't grow.

@Gargron I don't understand people who don't want this to grow.

It is not a "personal club".

@mariadocarmo @Gargron except that it is... but thats the beauty of federation... run your instance the way you want... ya know?

@TheGibson @Gargron If you want to stay away, do it, but let this grow.

We can have both here.

@mariadocarmo @Gargron exactly.

No one forces anyone to follow another, not any two instances to federate...

It will prune itself.

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