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Être connexe c'est quand même très surfaît en vrai.

Bon, demain je donne mon premier amphi de complément de cours.
Ce qui est bien c'est que ça se trouve personne va venir malgré la demande, mais même ça c'est pas sûr.

I found a way to implement boundless n-dimensional discrete spaces in rust, using a few bijections and a judy array.

I eventually found some time to make a proper cellular automata engine.
The implementation is as close as the mathematical definition as I wanted it to be. It is so great to finally use a proper language.

I used the Game of life as a test example, and adding another state (the trace of the dead cells) only took 5 lines modifications so I guess it's be practical for further toying.

I forgot a little to give update here.

Everything is going all right, and after a lot of architectural work, I'll began to implement the gameplay soon :)

#gamedev #Rust

Bon bah ça passe très très bien ce genre d'encre pour les stylos plumes finalement.
La vendeuse pensait que ça pourrait peut-être être trop liquide, mais ça gêne pas finalement.

No one believed you when you told them that your four year old got abducted by aliens on your way home from school. Today an alien shows up at your doorstep begging you to save them. Your nasty toddler has taken over the galaxy as its most vicious overlord and only you can make it stop.
#writingprompts #writing

Tu es un anarchosyndicalisme, Harry.

look at this smug fucker. He knows exactly what he did. He smashed the hopes and dreams of analytical philosophers everywhere. Even though very few of them actually understand exactly how.

Another panel, the coronation.
Screenshots: #b3d (Eevee+Greasepencil) and #krita (paint-over).

✨ A crop from a panel in my upcoming episode 28.


Le seul mur dont ont besoin les USA. (Par Matt Wuerker)


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