One thing I love about Hollow Knight is that there is no aesthetical difference between playing Hollow Knight normally and speedrunning it.

It drives me crazy when I watch someone speedrun Mario and I don't get to see the plumber do what he does when I play. Most speedruns involve ignoring or breaking core game mechanics in ways that make it feel cheaper (at least to me).

Like someone walked on stage and punched a hole through the scenery to get to the back faster.


@sandrockcstm from a game creator point of view, it's very interesting to see people playing a different game than the one you thought you have built.

Emergent gameplay is the radical way for player to make their own game out of your intention.

I'm always more found of discovering people seeing an object very differently than I would.
And I always prefer things that allow people to use them differently, instead of constraining them in a pre-defined scheme.

@webshinra Yeah, I imagine it's a completely different set of eyes when the game is your baby and people are picking it apart in new and unintended ways. Sounds like its gratifying.

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